Family Tree Clearing

The Family Tree

Every family has a mandate/purpose to preserve its survival. Each member of the family has their own purpose and when the purpose is accomplished, it helps the entire family tree to incorporate new consciousness and growth.

Just like a tree with leaves and branches, each member of the family tree is linked. When a member of the tree is healed, the healing is extended to the rest of the members and so forth to the future generations.

In order to maintain balance and harmony in the family tree, we (present generation) would tend to complete what our ancestors (past generations) did not. These repetitive unconscious identification programs (invisible loyalties) runs in the DNA through generations in our family tree and force us to pay debts to our ancestors as they were not finished by them.

These loyalties limit our right to live the life we are entitled to with harmony, peace, purpose, consciousness, love, health and abundance.

The Clearing

For the Family Tree clearing, we will explore the father's and mother's side up to 8 generations of Ascendants, 7 generations of Descendants and Soul Family.

We will research and ask for clearing of the following:

  • The conflicts

  • Ancestor's Projections

  • Personal and Collective human unconsciousness

  • Invisible Loyalties

The number of Ancestors/descendants will be different for each clearing. Generally it could take 2-4 hours (or more, but rarely) to complete a clearing. It is completely fine to perform a few 1 hour session on different days. Though it is recommended that we do not exceed 2 hours per session so that the client have some time to process all the information.

Treatment Fees

Session is conducted remotely via WhatsApp call @ SGD150 for 60mins

We are all on earth to learn and grow. Spirit will reveal the challenge when we are ready for it. You can set up another session when you feel there are any energies blocking you to overcome the particular challenge.