Lisa's Background

Lisa was a graduate of Applied Chemistry from Australia. She has worked in the areas of electronics and scientific industries for a number of years before she resigned from the work force to look after her 2 children whom are now in university.

Lisa began her Spiritual journey in 2011, when she met her Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) coach, Anthony. Prior to their meeting, Lisa was not at all into Spirituality. But she heard a message, and it was for her to go forward to learn SRT.

Her Spiritual journey was not exactly smooth sailing. It took a few years of clearing her belief systems, healing and learning for her to realise her true purpose. That is, to heal.


Lisa is passionate to bring healing to all beings and raise their Spiritual Consciousness.

Her clients includes animals, children and adults, to find healthy perceptions of themselves. So they can live their lives to their full potential.